Music on Reach OnAir

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Our Music

The majority of our music comes from our live presenters who have a wide variety of musical tastes! Take a look on the schedule to see who's on, if you get in touch they may just play your request!

Artist Chart

If you want a snapshot of the music variety that we broadcast on Reach OnAir, look no further than our top artist chart. This is compiled weekly based on the previous 4 weeks of live shows broadcast.

Artist Chart

Our Playlists

When nobody is broadcasting, we play a set of playlists. Below are the details for each playlist. We are always open to new ideas so if you want to suggest a playlist or a set of tracks you think we may have missed, please do! Our details are on our Contact page

Reach 4 10s

2010's was a great time for music and with this playlist you can relive those sounds! A great one to put on while you work!

Reach 4 80s

Get those mullets & shoulder pads at the ready, we are taking you back to the 80s with this playlist. Nothing but 80s music... nice!

Reach 4 90s

Let's get ready to rhumble! Who doesn't love PJ and Duncan or Spice Girls or most artists from the 90s actually! This playlist plays all the 90s hits!

Reach 4 Dance

The name says it all, if you like Old School, Floorfillers & Remixes - this will be a hit with you. Perfect at any time, not just those Friday and Saturday nights!

Reach 4 Decades

Whether you're a Millennial or just don't want to be pigeonholed, we believe that music from 1980 to 1999 will help see you through your day.

Reach 4 Everything

A bit of a music fan? Think you can identify all the tracks between 1980-2018? You can have a go with this playlist because we play them all

Reach 4 Hits

Want more modern hits? Playing tracks from recent years. You can be sure this is the playlist to keep your toe tapping!

Reach 4 Noughties

The decade where Kylie made a comeback and the Weakest Link was a thing *wink*, Great sounds from 2000 to 2009 with this playlist!